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its all about our future generation

At Healthy Angels we believe that there is nothing more important than our future generation. We also believe that what we eat has an influence on what and who we are. Healthy angels is a family run business owned and operated by a mum of 2 active boys that understands the importance of monitoring the type of foods her children are eating. She is passionate about her children having the best possible start to a healthy lifestyle which in turn will have an impact on their future physical and mental well being, and endeavours to:

1. To provide information to families on the effects hidden nasties can have on short and long term mental and physical health. 

2. To advocate and create awareness and support for the removal of hidden nasties in food. 

3. To provide affordable great tasting products free from hidden nasties so that busy mummy and daddies can shop from the convenience of their own home.

meet our family

the taste test commitee

We understand how difficult it is to satisfy all tastebuds. Our products have been tried and tested over and over again and that is why we have adopted a "kids love 'em!" policy! If our own children don't love 'em, we don't sell 'em.

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