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So with only a few weeks until Xmas we have our Xmas stock in and ready for you to order.

We are excited to be stocking the Moo Free range this year, which is a great addition, and one my kids are very happy about as these are a favourite in our house!!!

We have our always popular Sweet William Chocolate Santa multipacks, our Moo Free individial Chocolate Santas, and the Moo Free Advent Calendar.

The Moo Free Range is gluten, soy and dairy free and Organic, and the Sweet William Santas are gluten, dairy and nut free, however do contain soy.

I had an interesting conversation with a mum today, about the mis-informed ‘sugar high’ that you hear parents talking about. She was telling me how she wasn’t looking forward to collecting her daughter from a birthday party because of the ‘sugar high’ she would be on, and went on to describe her daughter’s behaviour.
I am not saying that this doesn’t exist, but what most people think is a ‘sugar high’ is a reaction to the chemicals in the food at the party, and not to the sugar. One of the foods there were our favourite Aussie ‘Tim Tams’. Now many moons ago, I would have quite happily demolished half a packet of these tasty treats, until I started realising what was in them and now these are a big no no for my family.
In summary these contain 5 rather nasty colours! I hear you ask why would they contain colours it is just chocolate?? My thoughts exactly, especially the fact that we have blue, red, 2 yellow colourings and caramel colours in one Tim Tam. I will explain what effects these can cause:
150C Caramel III – Links to gastro intestinal problems, prohibited in foods for infants.
129 Allura Red - Suspected carcinogen, in the EU it must carry a health warning. Can cause hyperactivity, tantrums and skin rashes
110 Sunset Yellow – Suspected carcinogen, again must carry a health warning in the EU. Can cause behavioural problems, hyperactivity, gastro intestinal problems, possible liver problems and skin rashes.
133 Brilliant Blue – Suspected Carcinogen, linked to hyperactivity, asthmatics should avoid, allergic reactions and gastro intestinal problems. Prohibited in foods for infants.
102 Tartrazine – A particularly nasty one, again must carry a warning in the EU, Can cause hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour, learning and behavioural problems, difficulty concentrating. It is suspected it can cause chromosomal damage and birth defects.

Unfortunately this is not confined to Tim Tams and these colours are in so many of the foods likely to be served up at a kid’s party; coloured popcorn, fairy bread, lollies, birthday cake, cupcakes etc etc. This combined with the 160b in the ice cream, 282 in the bread and you have a chemical cocktail sure to send even the calmest of kids a little crazy.

I have done several birthday parties all with plenty of treats, still the lollies, fairy bread, ice cream, and birthday cake, so still plenty of sugar, but none of the nasty additives, and hence none of the issues that go along with them. The kids are well behaved and are not up half the night because of the chemical cocktail they have consumed.

This is the reason I do what I do, I want as many parents as possible to realise what is causing their child’s behaviour or health issues, and realise there are many healthier options out there to give their kids xo


This was posted by a friend to highlight the use of palm oil, however I was just as interested in the additives used in this product (Woolworths Hot Cross Buns).


I have been meaning to make these for a while, and wow they were so worth the wait, they are beautiful and rich and full of the goodness of beetroot. They also go great with a coffee :)


175g Plain Flour

10g Baking Powder

As these are a favourite in our house, I thought I would make a batch of these for the kids as they are back to school today and thought they could do with a nice treat after school

My Raspberry Muffins (slightly adapted from a Taste didn't need much!)

300g Stoneground Self Raising Flour

125g Coconut Sugar
1 Free Range Egg
80ml Melted Butter
45ml Coconut Oil

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