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As these are a favourite in our house, I thought I would make a batch of these for the kids as they are back to school today and thought they could do with a nice treat after school

My Raspberry Muffins (slightly adapted from a Taste didn't need much!)

300g Stoneground Self Raising Flour

125g Coconut Sugar
1 Free Range Egg
80ml Melted Butter
45ml Coconut Oil

185ml Buttermilk
80g Coarsley Chopped Macadamias
125g Frozen Organic Raspberries
90g Roughly Chopped Nestle White Chocolate Melts

Combine the white chocolate, sugar, flour and macadamias.

Whisk the egg, butter, oil and buttermilk in a separate bowl and pour into the flour mixture with the raspberries and stir until just combined

Bake at 190degrees for 20 minutes and enjoy warm xo

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